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6 Easiest Ways To Become Firstmonie Agent

We would discussing 6 easiest ways to become Firstmonie Agent. Firstmonie Agent network is a bespoke channel through which FirstBank expresses her commitment and passion to broadening the opportunities and access to financial services for every Nigerian and African; especially within the low income segment (popularly referred to as the unbanked and under-banked population).

Service Offerings

They are constantly innovating our products to meet the changing needs of our customers. However, our current service offering include the following:

Open account

Deposit money

Send money to any bank account

Pay bills

Buy airtime

Check balance

Customer enquiries about FirstBank products

Withdraw money from any bank account

Simplified Access To An Account

Enrolment process is simple, safe and devoid of the cumbersome documentation requirements. Some of these documentation requirements had excluded a vast majority of bankable adult population from accessing financial services over the years.

Cheap and Affordable Services

Provision of cheap and affordable financial services to rural communities: Penetrating remote locations remains a challenge in the formal financial sector. Through our Agent network, we are surmounting this hurdle by taking affordable financial services to rural dwellers who do not have enough savings to open a bank account or able to pay for banking services./p>

Human ATMs

We are resolved to reducing reliance on over-the-counter transactions (in-branch), while at the same time providing personalized services that endear trust and promotes convenience. Our Agent network can be described as “human ATMs” which serve all customer segment types of every bank in Nigeria. In the coming years, we will be extending this proposition to all our subsidiary locations across Africa.

Large scale Agent Network

Firstmonie is driven through an Agent network (third party businesses acting on behalf of the bank to render financial services). These Agents, who are already positioned within communities with limited or no banking penetration, provide viable partnerships for reaching the target market. The commissions earned from the Firstmonie business augments their income and further empowers them to meet their domestic needs. Our network cuts across all 36 states in the country.

Empowerment of Individuals

Empowerment of Individuals without bank accounts to initiate / consummate financial services: At any time of the day and from any of our locations. As an accredited service point in target communities, our Agent network bridges the gap between high-tech service and low-literacy clients.

Vast and Transparent Delivery

A vast and transparent delivery channel for the administration of social intervention schemes, promotional disbursements, and other customised services related to logistics: Some examples are the Feed the Future scheme by Catholic Relief Services (funded by USAID), Polio Eradication programme in Northern Nigeria (UNICEF), FrieslandCampina – Peak Nigeria 60th Anniversary loyalty promotions.

The 6 easiest ways to become Agent Firstmonie will be summarizes below just let you know, how you can go about it.

1. Who can transact at a Firstmonie Agent?

Everyone whether you are a FirstBank customer or a customer of another Bank, we’ve got you covered

2. What will I get as evidence for transactions processed at the Agent’s location?

  • A receipt for every transaction
  • An SMS alert from your Bank for your transactions.

3. How will I identify a genuine Firstmonie Agent?

Every Agent has a Certificate of Registration and an Identification Number that can be verified at any FirstBank branch, or through the FirstBank contact center.

4. What are the benefits of transacting through a Firstmonie Agent?

  • Saves money – no travel costs to the nearest bank branch or ATM point
  • Saves time – no queues
  • Easy to use – transactions can be processed with or without an ATM card
  • Safe to use – transactions are PIN protected

5. Why do we have FirstMonie Agents?

We are committed to empowering individuals without bank accounts and bridging the gap between high-tech service and low-literacy clients.

Becoming a Firstmonie Agent in your community is another way to make extra income from your thriving business.

6. What & what can you do with a FirstMonie agent?

  • Open account
  • Deposit money
  • Buy airtime
  • Pay bills
  • Withdraw money from any bank account
  • Send money to any bank account
  • Check balance
  • Customer enquiries about FirstBank products

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