Game Of Thrones Key Actors and Actress of GOT Season 8 Episode 5

Game Of Thrones Key Actors and Actress of GOT Season 8 Episode 5. GOT season 8 episode 5 key actors and actress list we be posted here.

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As the city was falling, Jaime Lannister was racing to find Cersei. On his way he’s confronted by Euron, whose fleet had just been Drogon’d. He asks Jaime if he wants to try and kill another king before they all die, but Jaime isn’t interested. Then Euron mentioned that he slept with Cersei and it was immediately on.

The two scuffled, and Euron stabbed Jaime twice in the ribs. It looked like ye’ ol’ Kingslayer was a goner, but he got his second wind and impaled Euron against a rock.

Qyburn, the disgraced ex-maester and (now former) Hand of the Queen to Cersei was killed by his own creation.

As defeat became obvious, Qyburn tried to rush Cersei to safety. The Red Keep was crumbling. Their party, containing Cersei, Qyburn, Ser Gregor Clegane and a bunch of guards, was running down a staircase as the walls and ceilings were falling. It’s around this time that they’re confronted by Sandor Clegane.

It. Is. Clegane. Bowl. Time.

Sandor wants Gregor. Gregor wants Sandor. Gregor advances. Qyburn tries to restrain him, telling him to stay by the Queen. Gregor grabs him and, with little more than a flick of the wrist, flings him several feet. Qyburns head smashes against a wall and then smashes open against some jagged stairs.

Cersei promptly exited as inconspicuously as possible.



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