Google Silent Huawei’s Android License

Google silent Huawei’s Android license as Chinese customer and Donald Trump in full support.

Google silent Huawei’s Android license over the weekend, if not for the US government order Huawei dream to become the world’s top smartphone manufacturer.

But Chinese users appear to be rallying around the company, with social media posts on Weibo and Douyin showing strong support for Huawei, according to What’s On Weibo.

Google vs Huawei over Android License

The debate over Huawei and national security was thrust back into the spotlight over the weekend, when, as part of a US government order, Google silent Huawei’s Android license, which cuts the company’s phones off entirely from most Google apps and services.

It’s less of a problem for users in China, given nearly all Google services don’t function in China anyway, but the move is far more problematic for Huawei’s efforts to expand beyond its Chinese customer base to places like Europe and the US.

Google Silent Huawei's Android License
Google Silent Huawei’s Android License

Per What’s On Weibos report, Chinese customers are posting in support of Huawei with declarations that they’ll continue using their Huawei phones or to purchase their next device from the company in the future.

Hashtag campaigns for “Huawei Doesn’t Need to Rely on America for its Microchips” and “Huawei’s Self-Developed Operating System Hong Meng” were also trending on Weibo, highlighting that Huawei already develops many of its own components for its phones, as well as the in-house operating system that Huawei has been developing for just this sort of circumstance.

Will Googleapp and services ever support the Huawei smartphones again as they Silent Huawei’s Android License over the weekend.


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