How to Create Animation, Slideshow, Movie, collage using Google Photos

Creating Animation, Slideshow, Movie, collage using Google Photos become easy following their latest update on the Google app platform. I will guide you through on how to Create Animation, Slideshow, Movie, collage using Google Photos

You can possibly create Animation, Slideshow, Movie and collage using Google Photos with our steps below.

Google photos is a pre-install app on any Android smartphone, in case you don’t have it install on your mobile phone you can download it on Google Playstore and then install the app.

Allow the Google Photos to use your Google account on your smartphone in case you wanted to share your photos to any of your social media account.

Launch Google photos app and tap on Assistant on the bottom button it will display a new interface where you can creates your Animation and photo collage.

How to Create Animation, Slideshow, Movie, collage using Google Photos

At the bottom you will see this;

  • Photos
  • Albums
  • Assistant
  • Sharing

At the top middle you will something like this;

  • Album
  • Movie
  • Collage
  • Animation

Let’s explain them one after the other.


These are the total number images you have on your phone, when you tap on the photos it will display the images on your device from A to Z.


Taping on the Albums it will display or show all folders that contains images on your phone


The Assistant is an interface where you can create Animation or slideshow as well as movie (video footage) using the Google photos app.


This is where you can create any kind of video of your choice be it, Loves move, story etc. Creating movie with the Google photos it require network connection, you can hit on the already made template or you tap on the + sign to create new movie without using any template.

Firstly select the image or photo you want to use to create the movie (video footage) then click on create and hit on done and save.


Collage is just a way of joining two or more images or photos together. Select the photo and the format you wanted to use for the collage and the hit done and save.

Animation and Slideshow

It can also called slideshow; which means you are adding effects on images to make it display like a video footage. Creating animation with Google photos simply select the image of your choice and then create, hit done and save.


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