InnJoo no Longer Manufacture Smartphones

InnJoo came to Nigeria with a great mission and vision and as well, Nigeria has much more expectation from this Chinese mobile marker. Everybody welcomed to Nigeria as we expected them to match up with the others Mobile phone brands in Nigeria such as TECNO, INFINIX, ITEL and GIONEE  in the mobile market, but they failed due to poor planning.

The on told Story of InnJoo Mobile, I remember vividly the InnJoo Max 3 smartphone then, everybody who bought this device were bitterly complaining about the screen and lack of quality/performance.

InnJoo no longer manufacture smartphone, the Federal Government stop their run as they are unable to satisfy the consumer need due to insubstantial products.

InnJoo Products type are Android Smartphone, Tablet and InnTV, they have different series of Android smartphone and Tablet as well.

The major setback InnJoo mobile faced while they were here was that, Screen problem, Battery and insubstantial products.  They battle with those problems as they were unable to give solution to them.


InnJoo is a technical startup born with internet DNA. Its internet journey was started by joining hands with the largest e-commerce sites in the region. Based in Dubai, InnJoo became the fastest-growing company by providing smart devices as well as software services in the MEA area.


We are committed to bring premium quality,

optimized software and best user experience to end users.

We listen, do the localization from the user’s perspective.

We insist, good products need not to be labeled with a highprice tag.

Also w strive, continue an Internet Journey with more users and more fun.

To my greatest surprise they’re unable to achieved those mission listed above while they were here in Nigeria, now they are no longer manufacture smartphone, no body heard  from them and all their social media pages are empty  since they are in liquidation.


In this internet journey, also a great adventure, it started from inner passion, experienced constant changes, and all of us insisted what truly want and love.

Amidst the tides of Internet, to experience, to take chance, to seek an attitude and to inspire everyone on the way is the ultimate meaning of this journey.

Do the things you love and do it with all your heart. Even run into something, you can still trust in yourself and don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

InnJoo Products Series

InnJoo Enjoy Series Less than 5.0-inch Feature Phone 4.0-inch Series, Flagship Series, Fire Series, Big Screen Series, Halo Series,  Note Series,  i2 Series and  i1 Series

The InnJoo Halo Series, comprises of Halo, Halo 2 3G, 2 LTE, Halo LTE, Halo3, 3 Plus, Halo 4, 4 mini LTE, 4 LTE and 5 3G.

Fire Series made of Fire2 Pro LTE, 2 Air LTE, 2 Plus LTE, 2 LTE, 3 Air LTE, Fire4, 4 Plus, Fire Plus & Pro, Fire and 5 LTE

Other Series like: Flagship Series and Big Screen Series comprises of Smartron, Spark, Netsurfer, Voto, Maze, I4, I3, V1, ONE, InnJoo Pro, VISION, Max 4 Pro, InnJoo 4, X3, InnJoo 3, X2, Max 3, Max 2&Max 2 Plus and InnJoo Max .

4.0-inch Series: L200 and L100

Note Series: Note Pro, Note E and InnJoo Note

 i2 Series: i2s and i2

i1 Series: i1k, InnJoo i1s and i1


Laptop Series: Y200, M200, A200, Y100, LeapBook M100 and LeapBook A100

W Series: W1

Intel Series





F Series



F2 Pro




F4 Pro


F5 Pro





T Series


My advice to all upcoming mobile brand is to focus more on quality, reliability, better performance and to m,ake it affordable to the people.


Am Tunde Wisdom Omotimehin i write about in depth review of smartphones as well as device unboxing and i also work as a video editor. I owned and manage NaijaTechWriter as the Admin and Publisher.

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