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  iTel P33 Plus Unique Features You need to know

The iTel P33 Plus was recently unveiled at a colorful event, held in Lagos. It was launched alongside the itel P33-the Lite version. The device is coming as the successor to the itel P32, which is among the P-series.

The itel P33 Plus brings a lot of new features and we will be taking a look at the amazing features and how it affects you as a user.

iTel P33 Plus Unique Features

Talking about the itel P33 Plus unique features you need yo know;

Smart Power and Ultra Power saving Mode

 iTel P33 Plus Unique Features You need to know


Itel P33 Plus also comes with a pretty neat feature called smart power and ultra power saving mode controlled by the Ai power Master, extend battery life on your itel P33 Plus by 35% with just one tap. With ultra power saving mode, it boosts up your device battery by 35% which can lasted up to 4 days and more. How does it do that? Smart Power optimizes the charging process by stopping all background apps that are consuming battery and making charging slow thereby increase the charging speed.

Unique AI Power Master

iTel P33 Plus Unique Features You need to know

With unique AI (artificial intelligence) Power Master designed to control your phone’s battery use, and get up to 80 hours plus of usage on the powerful itel P33 Plus, The 5000mAh bigger battery equipped with a unique AI power Master, enjoy power for 4 days and more. There is no more complain of low battery when you are on journey with iTel P33 Plus as it will make your trip amazing and enjoyable leaving you with indelible memory. Power pas power #MyPowerMyHero #SmartphoneForEveryone.

AI Features include; Sleep Mode, App Freeze, Auto Management, Auto Brightness, Lock Screen cleanup and Abnormal Warning

App Lock

Ever wanted to give someone your phone but still don’t want them to access some apps on the phone? Well, itel P33 Plus’s App Lock is the solution. With the App Lock feature, you can lock the apps you want and once it is activated, it will request for verification each time you want to open the app. This way, nobody gets into an app you don’t want them to access.

Face ID or Face Unlock

 iTel P33 Plus Unique Features You need to know

Fingerprint may be cool but Face ID or Face Unlock is cooler, this one the unique features of itel P33 Plus, you can decided not to use the fingerprint to lock and unlock your phone. Face Unlock is safe and quicker than using fingerprint scanner to unlock your device. Nobody can unlock your phone with Face Unlock except you.


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