LG Watch W7 OS Smartwatch Price

LG Watch W7 OS Smartwatch Price, the new LG watch W7 OS smartwatch comes with fully circular touch display with an excitingly custom version of Wear OS onboard. The price of LG Watch W7 OS smartwatch is about $449. Is not

As smartwatches go, the LG Watch W7 OS smartwatch looks fairly standard on the outside. The stainless steel body and rubbery sport strap look and feel extremely familiar if you’ve used an LG smartwatch in the last couple of years. The rotating crown on the right side of the body is flanked by a pair of buttons, giving the whole body a very traditional watch look and feel.

LG Watch W7 OS Smartwatch Price

The W7 has mechanical hands in front of its round, 1.2-inch touch display running Wear OS, to be sincere about the price is around $449-$450 wow which some how expensive.

So with the W7, you’re really spending the money for its hybrid design, traditional aesthetic, and stainless steel body. And remember that Wear OS was recently refreshed with a more straightforward, intuitive software experience. Are those things enough to sway you away from a cheaper Wear OS watch from Fossil, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, or a Fitbit Versa?

LG Watch W7 OS Smartwatch Price

LG stuck with the old Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset, It uses standard 22mm watch bands for easy swapping. As a smartwatch, the LG Watch W7 OS smartwatch will last for up to two days. But those mechanical hands can keep turning for up to 100 days on a charge


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