OnePlus 6T Leaked Specs, Features and Date

Oneplus had been able to come up with a device which will change the world of mobile phones entirely. OnePlus 6T Leaked Specs, Features and Date its recently and most awaiting Oneplus 6T phone is rumoured to match the specs and features of the latest brands of iPhone and Samsung products at a lesser price, which will make it affordable and relatively cheap. The OnePlus 6T Leaked Specs, Features and Date would be the first mobile device from this firm to break into the Us brick and mortar stores. This is all thanks to its partnership with T-Mobile

OnePlus 6T Specifications

What we expect to see in the new Oneplus 6T mobile device is simply exceptional. If the rumours are true, then this would be one of the most sophisticated phone money can buy. To this effect, the Oneplus 6T will be a copycat of the Oneplus 6 with lots of improvement.

OnePlus 6T Leaked Specs, Features and Date

It is believed the Oneplus 6T comes with an Android version 9 pie and an OxygenOS with a brand new UI. It also comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor. Its head jack is also not included. According to a leaked image online, the battery capacity is believed to be about 3700mah.

OnePlus 6T Price

All budget phones are quite expensive and flamboyant. Phones like iPhone and Samsung are mostly ranging from $1000 and above, which makes it difficult for middle and low income earners to own. However, the Oneplus 6T is rumored to be around $500 to $600. Quite cheap for its outstanding features, if you ask me.

OnePlus 6T Launch Date

According to OnePlus 6T Leaked Specs, Features and Date posted on the website of Oneplus. The date had been changed all of a sudden due to an unforeseen circumstance.

OnePlus 6T Leaked Specs, Features and Date

The Oneplus 6T was earlier scheduled to be released and launched on the 30th of October in New York. It was moved back to the 29th for an obvious reason. Apple had also scheduled their hardware review to the 30th of October, making it to fall on the same date.


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