With this the biggest release for PES this decade, the publishers and developers have been keeping their cards close to their chest. RealSport has a look at everything we know so far on PES, and what the community wants to see when the game is released this summer.

Release Date

The ball is in Pro Evo’s court, with the game once again set to be released almost a month ahead of FIFA 20. PES 2019 was released in North America on Tuesday, 28 August and two days later worldwide. If Konami follow suit this time around, expect the game to be available globally on Thursday, 29 August – more than four weeks ahead of FIFA’s proposed release.

Now, it is suspected that the next generation of consoles will be flaunted at the E3 this summer, so is there any chance that PES 2020 could appear on the PlayStation 5 and new Xbox console? With the game coming out in August, it is unlikely, and it won’t be available on PS3 or Xbox 360 either, with PES 2019 the first game in the series not to support the platforms.

As for the demo of the game, this should only come out a couple of weeks before the game is released. With this coming right when the season starts, don’t expect it to be anything near the finished article, but it will certainly whet the appetite for PES 2020. This year, you should be able to download the demo from the PlayStation and Microsoft stores as of Wednesday, 7 August.

The trailer will be the first taste we have for PES 2020, but it appears that Konami are being coy this time around. Last year, a first reveal trailer featuring Phillipe Coutinho and David Beckham was seen in early May, but with Pro Evo having such a big opportunity this year to gain on FIFA, they are holding fire. That means both games will go head to head at E3 in June, so expect some shots being fired from both parties between Tuesday, 11 June and Friday 14, June.

Switching up the engine

The biggest speculation surrounding PES 2020 is that there could be a game engine change. PES 2019 runs on the Fox Engine, and has done since 2014 as well as on fellow Konami title Metal Gear Solid. Why would they change this? Well, there is a need for Pro Evo to head to the Nintendo Switch, which is not supported by Fox Engine.

PES 2019 Mobile runs on the Unreal Engine, and you wonder whether Konami was using this as a test to move the consoles onto the same engine.With next-gen consoles on the way for 2020, Konami need to be proactive, and with the added bonus of Unreal running on Switch, it should be a no-brainer. Other titles to have run on Unreal are Days Gone, Mortal Kombat, Assassin’s Creed, and the small matter of Fortnite – opening the door for some Antoine Griezmann celebrations in PES 2020.

Community demands

The PES community are as committed as it gets, with the game having a cult following, especially outside of Asia. If Konami don’t listen to their fans, then they would be set to lose even more ground on the globally played FIFA. The one big flaw in PES is its speed, with playing matches and navigating the menus just not as clean, speedy or sleekas EA’s FIFA. The authentic broadcast style replays look professional, but they weigh the game down even more. A new engine may just be the solution to correct the sluggishness of Pro Evo.

One thing we do know that is on the way is a new User Interface (UI), with the menus another aspect that makes the game feel slow. EA earned plenty of kudos when they moved to a panel style back in FIFA 14, and it’s high-time PES followed suit.

PES Producer Kei Masuda said: “We saw negative feedback from our fans, we need to understand changing the game (PES 2019) at this stage is very problematic. The new menu will appear in PES 2020.”

Anything else?

PES 2019 has been let down by its servers in online play, and it something that must improve. PES featured at the 2018 Asian games, and if it is to enhance their ambitions to go big into esports, they must rectify their server problems.

Of course, Pro Evo are never going to be able to compete with FIFA in terms of its licenses, so they have to be smart in how they go about their commercial business. This is why they have gone after the giants of Barcelona, Liverpool, AC Milan and Inter Milan, but they need to keep chipping away and attaining more. Another Premier League giant wouldn’t go amiss, as well as further expansion in Germany and Spain.

PES have done well with attaining plenty of legends for myClub, with David Beckham the big draw last year, but once again they need to keep expanding the names they have. If they are going to compete with FIFA’s Ultimate Team, they should look to attain the likes of Pele, Thierry Henry and Franz Beckenbauer, with legends not exclusive to either console.

PES don’t have a great deal of stadiums on the game, but the ones they do have look incredible. Instead of adding more real life grounds, why not explore more possibilities, like playing in outer space, for when they had the Champions League licenses, they played in the spectacle of the UCL logo stadium. Alternatively, Konami could look to target classic stadiums like Highbury, the Old Wembley and Schalke’s former ground the Parkstadion.

PES 2020: How to Install PES 2020 on iOS, iPad, iPhone and AndroidThe Camp Nou on PES 2019: Probably the best stadium in any sports game? It seems farfetched, but if Pro Evolution Soccer was a little cheaper, they would receive far greater traction. The RRP for PES 2019 was £54.99 – £10 more than the Amazon price for the standard edition of FIFA 19 when it was released. Pro Evo should not be charging any more than £39.99 if they are to take significant strides globally.

What do you want to see in PES 2020? Let us know in the comments section below. 

  • Nintendo Switch compatibility
  • New game engine
  • Cleaner UI
  • More licenses